Tips for shooting fireworks

A few things to think about and try while shooting fireworks from resident expert Tim Pinnow.

1. You will probably have to manually focus because the sky is so dark. Set focus out to the end – infinity. Zoom will depend on what you want the view to be.

2. Camera is set to manual exposure mode – a good place to start – F18 for about 3″ seconds, ISO 200 – this will depend on how bright the fireworks are. If your camera has only 1 command dial, you hold the +/- button in while turning the dial to adjust the aperture.

3. Tripod is a must – bring your flashlight – start with a fully charged battery –  shoot a lot of pictures. You will see the firework go up and should be able to anticipate when it will explode / when to open the shutter.

4. Like a lot of other scenes it makes a better picture if you can include something in the foreground or background : a city-scape – silhouette of your family watching – buildings.

5. When your done remember to set your focus back to auto focus.  Be safe! M.C.S.(8)

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