Our Staff

JM for webJerry Meier owner of Meier Camera. Jerry is a third generation camera shop owner. His grandfather had a camera shop in the Detroit area where Jerry’s father, Bill Meier grew up and learned the business. In 1955 Bill left his father’s store to join Chet Wright / Wright’s Studio & Camera Shop here in Downtown Midland. When Mr. Wright passed away in 1960, Bill Meier bought the business from Mrs. Wright and soon changed the name to Meier Studio & Camera Shop. Bill Meier owned the store for 20 years, sold it to Jim Meier who owned it for 20 years and in 1999 Jerry moved his family back to Midland to buy the business from his brother. In 2012 the business was moved around the corner to 140 Ashman St.

This portrait was done by Tim Sheridan on the 2012 Scott Kelby Photowalk. We woke up to a miserable, rainy day but there were still a few people who had come for the Photowalk.We went down by the river, under the bridge because it was raining. I gave them the challenge ” what if this was the only day you could shoot someones portrait – deal with the weather, add some flash, and warm up the white balance. I think Tim did a very nice job!   JM