“As I have developed my interest in and skill as a photographer over the years, I have relied on Jerry Meier and Meier Camera for the ideal combination of great products, competitive prices, good advice and excellent customer service. Unlike the big box stores, at Meier Camera, you are greeted by name and waited on by very knowledgeable people who help you select the right equipment for your goals and your budget. Meier Camera also offers the added advantage of taking your old equipment in trade and offering used equipment for sale, adding to the affordability of quality camera equipment and upgrades. If you’re an expert yourself, you might save a few bucks buying on line or shopping at the big boxes — but if you want somebody to take the time to help you make a good purchase decision, I highly recommend Meier Camera.”

Greta Bolger
Business Owner, Midland MI


“After having been distracted from photography for a decade, I revived my interest in making photographs j

ust under thirty years ago.  I found a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help me in this at Meier Camera Shop.  With their help I was able to refresh my knowledge of cameras, exposure, lighting

, film processing, and black-and-white printmaking.  Although I am by no means ready to give up working with film altogether, I have since the mid-1990s begun making digital images as well.  Much of what I already knew I was able to adapt to digital photography.  But there were many new “details” with which I needed guidance, and, once again, I was able with good results to seek that from the staff at Meier Camera Shop.  If you are about to begin working with photography, or

to rekindle a passion for photography you already have, I wholeheartedly recommend that you visit the Shop first.  I plan to continue my visits there for as long as they’ll have me.  In the end I know I’ll be able to seek advice from another member of the staff, one with whom it’s fair to say that I have a special relationship, namely, Charlie Meier, “the C. E. O. of the Shop”.  He’s not in every day, but when he is he’s always enthusiastic!”

David Rayfield