Enlargements and Reprints

Meier Camera is pleased to make reprints and enlargements from B&W or color negatives, slides, and digital files.  When preparing your order, please be mindful of the following:
  • To ensure high quality prints, digital files should be sized at 300 dpi (for the largest print)
  • For mounted slides or single cut negatives, add $2.00 to the order for each slide or negative.
  • These prices cover both color and B&W prints


Reprint/Enlargement Pricing

Wallets (ordered in sheets of 8)$3.60 for a sheet of 8
with rounded corners.
3 1/2 x 5$0.39
4 x 6$0.39
4 x 5 $0.39
5 x 5 $0.99
5 x 7 $1.99
8 x 10$5.99
8 x 12$6.99
11 x 14$12.95
12 x 18$15.95
Extra Features
Rounded corners$.10 eachNA
Cropping$1.50 per image per sizeFree after 1st print of the same image at the same size
Name and year in corner$10.00 per imageNA